Services Include:


Free Estimates: from one of our highly trained service professionals, who will work with you to determine which one or both technologies are best suited for your disinfection needs.


SteraMist & UVC Cleaning system have multiple EPA registrations.


 Residential: Single rooms to whole home disinfection.

To eliminate odors from pets and smoke. To reduce spores for patients returning home from treatments.


 Commercial: EMS-Fire-Police, Hospitals-Urgent care-Dentist-Sugery centers, Daycares, Gyms

Event venues, Movie theaters, Bars, Restaurants and food processing facilities. 

System is used to reduce pathogens, carcinogens and spores to promote a healthier and safer living environment for all.


Public services: Public transportation, Library’s, Colleges

Helps to prevent outbreaks from the general public in group settings


Processes: Site survey, Disinfection process evaluation, whole facility customization  

   24 hour emergency disinfection service.